Emma - Jane Austen


By Jane Austen

  • Release Date: 1815-01-01
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 2,115 Ratings


The story is about a beautiful girl Emma.  Noted for her beauty and cleverness, Emma is somewhat wasted in the small village of Highbury but takes a great deal of pride in her matchmaking skills. Unique among other women her age, she has no particular need to marry: she is in the unique situation of not needing a husband to supply her fortune.

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  • Emma

    By Dr Trivedi
    As such Jane Austin is a very lively, keen writer. In Emma, she writes subtly about an innocent yet arrogant Emma and her match making endeavours, without knowing her own preferences for a long time friend, philosopher and guide. Thoroughly enjoyable yet very educative.
  • Good but not my favorite

    By Sdkb
    The story was draggy at times. The characters not as likable as in some of her other works. However, it was still a pleasure to read.
  • Very good read for bedtime.

    By James70_2002
    I found Emma to be very relaxing and enjoyable to read at bedtime.
  • Emma

    By A romantic at heart
    Great book. Fun. Real. Will stand the test of time.
  • Finished :)

    By V.Style.V
    Jane Austen's style of writing might be difficult to get through at first but by seeing the movie of Emma helped me to get to the end much faster and helped me understand certain chapters much better. I think it's a nicely done novel.
  • Can't wait

    By Tree lover elephant 22
    I have not read it yet but will soon. I love the way Jane Austen writes. It is right on my reading level most of her books. The reading level is 9th or 10th grade which is perfect for me. I am eleven and I am this reading level and I love these books of hers.😄🌳🐘❤️22👸
  • Emma

    By Tvarish
    What pleasure to read. Beautifully constructed sentences so carefully expressed; a diary and a philosophy of a particular class of people at a certain time. Emma was all of Austen's characters to me: Pride, prejudice, sense, lack of sense, persuasiveness, practicality, restraint, emotion. A truly enjoyable read. Jo Ann Jex
  • Excellent book!

    By Bookish101
    Emma is an excellent book with characters that are extremely advanced for their time. Austen writes a beautifully crafted book that, while slow at times, really pays off in the end. This book is a must read, but it is a very challenging read, so be prepared for lots of long conversations and words.