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The Holy Land / The Dawn of a Nation


From 1200-1000 BCE

The glaring absence of significant archaeological findings makes it difficult to expand the factual discussion regarding controversial issues, such as the invasion of the Hebrews led by Yehoshua ben Nun into the land of Canaan and of course the battles for control of the land, which were conducted according to the Bible for about 200 years and are detailed in the books of Yehoshua and Judges. In this episode, the biblical axis collides again and contradicts with the archaeological axis.

 However, evidence of the huge fire that consumed Hazor - the fortified city in Canaan - and a surprising discovery, which links cult sites on Mount Ebal with what is described in the book of Joshua, once again fuel the discussion about the kernel of truth in the biblical stories. Excavation tours at Mount Ebal, Tel Akziv, Lachish, Ashkelon and Gat bring to life the war drama that was associated during the settlement period and the constant struggle against powerful enemies such as the Amalekites and the Philistines, whether they were active in that period or whether they were only in terms of a biblical allegory. Photographs in the Elah Valley, Shiloh, the City of David in Jerusalem visually illustrate the gap between what is written in the Bible and scientific knowledge.

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