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The Holy Land / The Dawn of Man


The land bridge between the African continent and the continents of Asia and Europe - aka the land of Canaan - served as a necessary transit station in the process of the spread of the human race from its ancient origins in Africa to other parts of the world.

For hundreds of thousands of years, representatives of all the stages of prehistoric human development walked in Canaan, today the Land of Israel: the ancient upright man (Homo Erectus), the Neanderthal man and the contemporary intelligent man (Homo Sapiens), which some Israeli researchers claim, according to the research - National, because he was born here, unlike his brothers who were born, as mentioned, in Africa. Each and every stage of human evolution, left its own unique remains and signs: skulls, bones, work and hunting tools, remains of food and burial customs. All of these can be seen today at well-known sites Such as Mount Carmel, Jordan Valley, Rosh Ha-Ein, Bnot Ya'akov Bridge, Tel Jericho and more.

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