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Iraq n’ Roll

    Saleh and Daud (David) Al-Kuwaity were Jewish musicians, living in Iraq in the 1930s. They are considered the creators of modern Iraqi music, and two of the greatest Arab musicians in history. In Iraq, they were extremely respected, often performing in the court of the King. They established the National Iraqi Radio and became well known in the Arab world. In the 1950s, they immigrated to Israel, where no one listened to their music. Their glory vanished and they felt that their music had betrayed them. They forbade their family members from becoming musicians and experiencing the same pain. Despite this strict command, two generations after the death of his grandfather Daud, Dudu Tassa has become a leading performer in today’s Israeli rock ‘n’ roll scene. He is the only member of his family who had the courage to become a musician, and now, he is venturing into the painful and challenging musical heritage of his ancestry. Dudu decides to release an album, taking the original music of the Al-Kuwaiti brothers and playing their compositions in modern style and arrangement. Through this music, Tassa attempts to bridge time, space, and culture, and heal the family’s pain. A film by Gili Gaon. Watch it now on FLC+

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