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Sentenced to Marriage (Mekudeshet)

    This internationally acclaimed and award-winning documentary exposes the Kafkaesque process of divorce for women in Israel where secular law does not exist, and divorce is dealt with according to the strict interpretation of orthodox Jewish law. Filmmaker Anat Zuria, director of the award-winning documentary Purity, gained rare access to the rabbinical courts to follow two women caught in the demoralizing legal labyrinth. Though husbands can live with other women and even withhold child support, the wives are forbidden to contact other men. In some cases, these very modern, independent, and well-educated women are forced to buy a divorce from their husbands for huge sums. As a result, thousands of Jewish women have lived in limbo indefinitely, both in Israel and in other communities around the world. A film by Anat Zuria. Watch it now on FLC+
    • Language Hebrew
    • Subtitles English
    • Audio Languages Hebrew
    • Genre Documentary

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