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The evolvement of E-learning ,from traditional teaching to nowadays

E-learning nowadays, how it evolved from traditional teaching. Gone are the days when people had to strive to learn any particular subject of interest. Even in the major universities of the world, the strength of students in class lectures is achieving an all-time low. Now, one on one tutor sessions are not only the monopoly of traditional classroom settings, rather they have shifted to internet-based online teaching media. This evolution has struck the world in awe and has totally changed the way we see education as a profession. With the advent of technology, the world has shrunk into a one-screen classroom.

The field of education has brought together language teachers and students on common online teaching platforms. These online learning channels have not only provided the students to gain the knowledge of whatever subject matter they choose but have also created equal avenues for teachers of different specialties to run their online courses and build their clientele. E-learning, just like every other field of education, has also revolutionized the arena of language education. Teaching online has produced more effective results in the domain of languages than ever before. This mode of learning allows students to watch their language tutorials according to their own comfortable schedules and also let them re-watch any lecture of their favorite language instructor as many times as they want. The benefits of E-learning have convinced many institutions to build a sound online profile so that they can attract the students from not only their local areas but also from across the globe. Learning online has also enhanced the productivity of language students as now they are exposed to a bigger and more diverse spectrum of people from different regions interacting at one place.

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